All About ME!!!


This is my hubs JP and I. We met after I moved back from NYC in 2009. While in NYC I went to Grad School for Music Theatre which goes right alongside with my obsession with makeup!!!! And accessories (as you can see above)…

After grad school came makeup school, which I fell in LOVE with. It was artistic for me, AND I could pay my bills! Who would’ve thought?? LOL…With this job, I also have time to do theatre, which is my TRUE LOVE.

So what’s my blog about you ask? Well, I’ve been hemming and hawing over writing a blog for some years now…. “Will I write the “right” stuff?” “What if I sound stupid?” What if I ramble or spell something wrong?”

Wellllll I decided I don’t care! This blog’s gonna be fun random facts and tips, and super NOT serious!!! A lot of makeup suggestions, theatre facts, and pictures!

Psyched to start this craziness up=)